Email Marketing Course

Email Marketing Course

Learn How To Create And Deliver Effective Email Marketing Campaigns!

Boost Email Open Rates!

Almost 75% of companies believe that email marketing produces good returns on investment (ROI).

And it is inexpensive and reliable. In fact, Email Marketing is one of the most efficient, profitable forms of digital marketing.

Often, it forms the basis of online marketing strategies.

Emails are still considered an important way of communicating with your customers.

The number of emails and money spent in email marketing keep raising. Yet, marketers still fail to meet basic practices.

You must ensure your message stands out and get read.

It is becoming harder to capture the attention of subscribers. Engaging with them without damaging your brand.

So, how do you keep ahead of the competition? How do you improve your results?

Learn how to boost results, develop and improve your marketing campaign and profitability.

How to identify common issues including small and big wins.

Learn about issues related to conversion, setting realistic objectives and testing strategies.

The course will help you to boost your email marketing campaigns and learn all the necessary aspects.

Form strategies and set objectives and targets. Design engaging content and improving deliverability.

At the end of the course, you will have a clear and efficient email communication and strategy.

Our course will provide you with ideas and tips that you can use immediately.

Who should attend this course?

This course is ideal for Beginners looking to improve their knowledge. Also for anyone managing email marketing campaigns seeking to improve response rates.


  • • After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • • Boost your email marketing results
  • • Focus on applying conversion principles to your email marketing campaigns
  • • Perfect your email marketing strategy, check ROI (Return On Investment) and use testing techniques.

Skills Learned:

  • • Assess the effectiveness of email campaigns beyond open and click rates
  • • Concise info about the latest privacy codes, guidelines and laws
  • • Designing landing pages that convert
  • • Developing your email templates to increase response
  • • How to grow a quality list
  • • How to write persuasive emails
  • • Improving email campaign results
  • • Improving your templates to increase response
  • • Tips & tricks for design, CTA’s and subject lines that will increase conversions

In Summary,

You will learn about the four foundation aspects of email marketing:

Data capture and subscriber segmentation, email content, design, delivery, measurement and reporting.

You will be able to plan a marketing segmentation strategy for your target audience.

Also, identify aspects of effective email design:

Attractive aesthetic, consistent layout and user-centric content.

You will also understand how to grow and manage a subscriber database. Moreover, the unique features of Email Service Providers and software solutions.

Also, learn about split testing.

Be able to use key metrics to report on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

These include bounces and unsubscribes, Click-Through-Rates (CTR) and open rates.

You will also know how to track and check email marketing analytics.

Topics covered include:

  • • Campaign Process
  • • Email Copy, Delivery, Design, System and Structure
  • • Filtering
  • • Key Email Marketing Concepts
  • • Key Terms & Metrics
  • • Laws & Guidelines
  • • Measurement
  • • Offline Data Capture
  • • Online Data Capture
  • • Scheduling
  • • Segmentation
  • • Split Testing
  • • User Behaviour
  • • User Characteristics


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