Google AdWords Course

Google AdWords Course

Learn How To Use Google AdWords To Create Effective Marketing Campaigns.

Increase Your Profits Fast!

This is a hands-on, intensive, practical training course.

It will show you how to get and convert instant targeted traffic to your website with Google AdWords and PPC campaigns.

Reach your ideal customers when they search for your products or services. Pay only when they click on your ads.

Learn technical skills and terminology.

Master how to set up a Google AdWords account. Thus develop an AdWords campaign through three key elements: Ad copy, keyword research and landing pages.

The course also covers AdWords campaign settings and ongoing campaign management.

You will be able to run keyword searches. Learn about a range of specialist tools. Run and administer effective PPC campaigns and maximise your advertising budget.

It will enable you to analyse current search marketing activity. Target and tailor campaigns to enhance engagement rates.

You will be able to recognise the features of compelling and optimised ads. Develop skills to write compelling and targeted ad copies.

Learn how to manage and set budgets for AdWords campaigns. Measure and analyse their effectiveness through the generation of detailed reports.

This course is for anyone that:

  • • Has the desire to learn Google AdWords and offer it as a service to business owners.
  • • Tried Google AdWords, but it did not work out for them.
  • • Wants to find out how to set up ad campaigns right.
  • • Wants to convert clicks into sales without wasting money

Topics covered include:

  • • Ad Centre
  • • Ad Copy
  • • Analytics
  • • Bidding
  • • Budgets
  • • Campaign Management
  • • Conversion Metrics: CPA, CTR
  • • Conversion Tracking
  • • Display Networks
  • • Google AdWords PPC
  • • Keyword Research
  • • Keyword Selection
  • • Key PPC Concepts
  • • Landing Pages
  • • Laws & Guideline
  • • Research Tools
  • • Scheduling
  • • Search Campaign Process
  • • Strengths of Pay Per Click
  • • Targeting


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