Strategy and Planning Course

Strategy and Planning Course

Learn How To Drive Your Company’s Digital Marketing Activity.

Execute Strategic Plans And Achieve High-Level Objectives.

Gather The Foundation For Strategy And Planning.

Put Traditional Marketing Tools And Technologies Into Practice.


The course review key digital specialism such as:

Analytics, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Video Advertising.



Learn about the opportunity for measurement and analysis within digital communications.

These include key terms and concepts associated with analytics.

Use analytics to track online traffic, customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

Understand the rationale and business benefits of adopting a formal analytics programme.

Recognise the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with the various digital channels.

Use them in your analytics.



Planning and maintaining a budget are crucial aspects in your digital marketing strategy.

Companies reward business grow and success with budget allocations.

Examine low-cost techniques such as social media.

Boost your profile by including paid channels in your strategy.

Consider these channels in your budget. See the benefits.

Learn that powerful analytics supports digital communications.


Digital Communications

Learn about customer-focused and driven approaches within a one-to-one or many-to-many communications model.

Understand the benefits of digital communications.

How to develop and personalise content to accommodate customer expectations and interests.

How interactive content empowers them and evolves around customer’s needs.

Learn how to incorporate digital communications into accountable, efficient and targeted campaigns.

Use analytics to measure the impact of these communications.


Digital Channels

There are several channels available when developing a digital marketing campaign.

Each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Learn about their suitability to your digital marketing efforts.

Master search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

Also, other key digital channels including email marketing and video advertising.

Learn about social media marketing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Understand how to include these concepts in your digital marketing strategies.



Hiring the right staff is crucial.

These will be the employees implementing your digital marketing strategies.

New roles and responsibilities that have emerged in digital marketing. They create new challenges for the human resources department.

These include implementing and integrating digital communications into your organisation.

Learn about standards necessary to operate safe and secure digital communications.

About routine monitoring digital communications and social media usage within the organisation.

Moreover, the necessity of making employees aware of them to mitigate any potential risks.


Risk and Reputations

Learn about the latest statistics on global, local and national internet penetration trends.

Moreover, the ones related to mobile marketing, search marketing and social media.

Learn about risks: defamation, fraud, identity theft, social engineering, sexual harassment and stalking.

Also about some computing security risks which include malware and hacking.

Become aware of the importance of reputation for both for the company and its brand.

Also about tools and facilities to track status.


Social Customer Service

Learn about social customer service and how online happenings are crucial to businesses.

About the cultural and organisational challenges associated with the use of social media.

How to include social networks into your digital marketing planning and strategy.

How to sustain customer engagement with your online presence. How to use Facebook and Twitter for business purposes.

Hence, integrate these methods with traditional communications for your digital marketing needs.


Traditional Communications

Learn about the characteristics and features of traditional communication channels. How they have evolved into a more socially-orientated and supportive communication approach.

How to use them to develop messaging for:

  • • products and services;
  • • to encourage customers awareness before purchasing;
  • • to elaborate on brand or service value.

Become aware of potential customer targeting and effectiveness measurement limitations.


Strategy and Formulation Planning

The Strategy and Planning course teaches the best practice for implementing a successful digital marketing strategy.

How to put a coherent and well-considered plan together for your organisation.


Topics covered include:

  • • Action Plan
  • • Appropriate Tools
  • • First Steps
  • • Information Gathering
  • • Iteration & Enhancement
  • • Key Strategy & Planning Concepts
  • • Laws & Guideline
  • • Measurement
  • • Planning
  • • Setting Objectives
  • • Setting the Budget
  • • Situation Analysis
  • • Target Audience


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