Digital Marketing School and Consultancy Services London

Global Digital Marketing School and Consultancy London

Bespoke Training and Consultancy Services for Entrepreneurs and Businesses Leaders

Global Digital Marketing School London

Bespoke Training and Consultancy Services for Entrepreneurs and Businesses Leaders

Global Digital Marketing Consultancy London

Bespoke Training and Consultancy Services for Entrepreneurs and Businesses Leaders

eDGTL® is a Global Digital Marketing School and Consultancy firm based in London. We offer Bespoke Digital Marketing Training and Consultancy services to Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Businesses (Startups, SMBs, SMEs), Marketers and Agencies. Our aim is to enhance Companies’ competency and performance through results-based solutions. 

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Learn How To Create And Deliver Effective Email Marketing Campaigns! Boost Email Open Rates! Almost 75% of companies believe that email marketing produces good returns

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Learn How To Use Google AdWords To Create Effective Marketing Campaigns. Increase Your Profits Fast! This is a hands-on, intensive, practical training course. It will

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Learn How To Use Google Analytics. Measure, Optimise And Track Your Digital Marketing Campaigns And Increase Your Profits Fast! Learn how to create a Google

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Learn How To Create And Deliver Effective Mobile Marketing Campaigns. And How To Use Mobile Marketing To Engage With A Growing Mobile Audience. Learn the

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Learn How To Get Any Website To the Top Page Of Google.  Stream It With Free Traffic & Burst Sales!  Learn a sought-after skill that

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Learn How To Use Social Media Marketing To Reach Your Ideal Customer, Attract New Leads, Promote Your Business And Boost Sales! Drive Targeted Traffic To

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Learn How To Drive Your Company’s Digital Marketing Activity. Execute Strategic Plans And Achieve High-Level Objectives. Gather The Foundation For Strategy And Planning. Put Traditional

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The Video Advertising course will help you to create and implement effective video advertising campaigns. The course covers the core concepts and terminology associated with video advertising

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Establishing a successful Internet presence can be one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors your company can undertake. But you don’t have to rely

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The overall success of a web site is often directly dependent on the number of visitors it attracts. The effectiveness of your Internet marketing strategy

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Did you know that 87% of UK Internet shoppers use their credit card to make purchases? If your business does not accept credit cards, you

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You already know how important a professional website can be for your business. However, if you need a brochure type website or a basic e-commerce

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Our Clients


Our Company has grown in under 5 years from a small business to an International firm. With the help of eDGTL‘s strategic advisors to get everything though through and set up, which they did brilliantly and flawlessly, we developed a long term game plan and since then we expand rapidly!  

One Hyde Park Logo

Max (eDGTL LTD) has been very instrumental in setting up all IT services for One Hyde Park. His knowledge and dedication to get the job done paired with a sense of strong customer service (internal as well as our residents) made him an integral part of the team. His sense of humor and passion are great assets to any team.

Novicom Logo

I worked with Max (eDGLT LTD) for the implementation of a complete digital signage system for a big property. Max was handling the project with a high level of structure and professionalism in combination with solid communication for the team. The project turned out to be a huge success, so I would be pleased to work with Max again.

InterTouch Logo

Max (eDGTL LTD) and I worked together in the UK, with responsibilities for different Hilton Hotel properties in London. We faced many of the same challenges and worked on similar projects, so we had regular interaction. Max was always the consummate professional – diligent, knowledgeable and with high levels of integrity, and took pride in what he did.

Matthew Jafarian

With the release of our new cutting-edge Residential multiscreen platform – whilst working at Simplikate LLC – we were in need for a research about any further development and integration requirements for our solution in Luxury Residential properties. Max (eDGTL LTD) gave us a helping hand at that and assisted us in reaching our targeted audience across the globe.


When I and my friends had this brilliant startup idea 3 years ago, we were at a loss on how to get it to become a reality. eDGTL’s advice and support helped us to pen a profound business plan and attract first angel investors.